"Penn Valley Pump Company, Inc. has been developing, manufacturing and marketing Double Disc Pumps™ for the municipal, industrial and chemical industries since 1980. Through continuous research and development we have created a range of positive displacement solids handling pumps that provide unmatched durability, reliability and performance compared with other positive displacement pump styles.

With thousands of units installed and operating in the Unites States alone, Double Disc Pumps™ are considered by many to be the premier product for feeding and transferring tough to handle sludges and slurries. We have achieved this level of acceptability by utilizing our extensive experience in the hydraulic and mechanical aspects of pumping installations to properly apply our equipment where it is best suited.

When you purchase a Double Disc Pump™ you buy our long term commitment. We size a unit specifically for your application, selected by engineers with over 45 years combined experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and applying this exciting technology."