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NE³ (New England Environmental Equipment, Inc.) is a manufacturer’s representative for products in the wastewater, stormwater and drinking water markets. We have been servicing all six New England states since 1993, and are committed to providing engineering consultants as well as municipal and industrial clients with the service and support that exceeds their expectations.

Please call us to speak directly with a sales representative who will be happy to discuss installation options, how to best operate and maintain the equipment, as well as furnish references, quotations, drawings, and technical bid specifications.


From actuators and check valves to pumps, sampling equipment, and process monitoring probes, NE³ has the right equipment to meet your application needs. We represent twelve of leading manufacturers in the wastewater, stormwater and drinking water industries.

Parts and Supplies

NE³ works directly with the manufacturers to be able to supply our customers with a comprehensive range of replacement parts to get you back in service as quickly as possible because we understand the importance of these components to your operations.


We provide an array of services that include but not are limited to: system and equipment start-ups, probe and flow meter calibrations, automatic water quality sampler maintenance, as well as equipment upgrade and retrofitting consultations. Our pledge is to assist in solving your problems.



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