Headworks: Screens, Washer/Compactors, Grit equipment

Digesters: Gas recirculation systems, Big Bubble Guns, Heat Exchanges.

Conveyor Systems:  Headworks, Dewatering, Sludge Handing

Experience – Complete system design

"Claro provides comprehensive wastewater and water treatment solutions to a wide range of municipal, industrial, and agricultural clients. Specialties include: screening and grit removal, sludge/solids handling, anaerobic digestion, and heat and heat recovery exchangers. Claro focuses on proprietary technology development, complete system design, equipment sales, and system performance audits.

Claro engineers have implemented hundreds of applications in major cities in the United States, Canadaand overseas. They work with leading consulting engineering firms and offer complete process system design.

Innovation – Original equipment manufacturer

Claro’s senior engineering staff has been at the forefront of technology development and innovative project application for over 35 years.

Claro is an original equipment manufacturer and a distributor of the highest quality proprietary treatment technologies. Fabrication ISO certified."