Blue I

"Blue I Water Technologies is a global provider of advanced controllers and analyzers for the water treatment market.
Blue I devices identify, quantify and analyze the chemical components of water and measure parameters such as chlorine,pH, redox, turbidity, conductivity and temperature.

Our customers worldwide use Blue I‘s leading technologies to optimize water-based processes and analysis in a variety of applications, industries and environments, including the chemical industries; food and beverage industries;
potable water purification facilities; oil and gas industries;
off-shore environments; swimming pools and spas.
Blue I Water Technologies’ on-site products offer accurate measurements at reduced total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).
Moreover, the analyzers’ high-precision measurements excel even in harsh conditions and challenging environments.

Blue I Water Technologies’ extensive field experience and patented technology make it the ideal partner for a wide range of water analysis applications. The company’s products operate at leading industrial and municipal factories around the world. Click here to find out more information on our partners and customers. Headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel, Blue I Water Technologies is a privately-owned company, operating since 2003." 

At Blue I Water Technologies, we have developed cutting-edge technologies to serve variety of water measurement needs:

  • A highly accurate colorimeter technology
  • A versatile, multi-Parameter, amperometric technology
  • A revolutionary, automated, electro-optic technology